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Publicity Packet

I am often asked for my bio and pictures for use in promotional materials for upcoming talks, etc. I've put them on the web so that you can access them. The pictures are only useful for the web and will come out very small in print. If you need a good quality picture, email Mary at ciscoeinfo@comcast.net. Let me know what picture you would like when you email (or let me know if you would like something other than the pictures on the web).

The other question that people ask me is who they contact if they want me to do a book signing as part of an event. I don't bring books to sell, but if you are interested you can deal with Sasquatch publishing. Their contact information is on my media page - book section.


Here is my bio (updated 04/18/14) in pdf format. Feel free to use a part of it.


Below are some pictures to choose from. You may crop and resize them for your needs.


To download a picture, right click on the picture and choose the option "save image as". Then save it on your own computer.

Remember to email Mary (address above) if you need one of sufficient quality for print.

African Pots


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